This one tip can make you rich!

Like many millions of other people, over the past five weeks I watched the ESPN 10-part special series "The Last Dance" about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

During one of the early episodes it showed the Bulls players in practice, and something dawned on me.

What dawned on me is that every single one of the Bulls players was a star on his high school basketball team, and that every one of them was a star on their college basketball team.

Throughout their high school and college careers, every single one of the Bulls players was all-league, all-conference, all-state, all-this and all-that. They are NBA players. They are the best of the best. They have reached the top of their profession.

What dawned on me was that those Chicago Bulls players - the guards, the forwards, the centers - including superstars Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen - they were doing some of the very same drills and working on the very same fundamentals that kids do when they play junior high basketball, high school basketball, and college basketball.

Think about it! Even though these NBA players are at the top of their sport, they are still working on the same basic fundamentals in an effort to become even better than what they already are.

The same can be said about NFL players, WNBA players, NHL players, MLB players, etc.

Last summer I attended a qualifier golf tournament for the U.S. Senior Open. My neighbor was competing. About 60 of this region's greatest amateur golfers age 38 and over played in this tournament. The golfer with the lowest score earned a spot to play in the U.S. Senior Open. (My neighbor shot the lowest score and got to compete in the U.S. Open! Unfortunately though, he had a very rough first day and didn't make the cut after the second day.)

I arrived early to watch the golfers warm-up on the practice range. As I watched them prepare for their round something dawned on me. Every single one of the golfers carries a low single-digit handicap; most of them are "scratch" golfers.

Every one of them throughout their career has won many local club tournaments; most of them have been a "club champion". Virtually every one of them has been playing golf for many years; most have been playing the game since they were kids; most played golf in high school and college.

What dawned on me was that these great golfers who were vying for a spot in the U.S. Open were doing some of the very same drills that beginning golfers are taught to do.

They were working on the very same fundamentals that junior high, high school, and college golfers work on.

Think about it! Even those these men are all scratch and near-scratch golfers, they are still working on the same basic fundamentals in an effort to become even better than what they already are.

Do you know what that tip is?

The tip is found in the examples I gave of the basketball players and the golfers.

It should be obvious.

Most people will think that the tip is "practice, practice, and practice" because I pointed out that these great basketball players and golfers are constantly practicing the fundamentals of their respective sports.

But first, they had to learn something prior to practicing those fundamentals.

What did they have to learn?

They had to learn those fundamentals. And once they learned them, they practiced and practiced and practiced those fundamentals over and over and over again to master those fundamentals. And throughout their careers they kept on practicing and practicing and practicing those fundamentals.

The tip that can make you rich is that you need to learn and master the fundamentals. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of success-seeking network marketers will never learn those critical fundamentals that are necessary for success.

The tip is this: learn the fundamentals.

Learn who to recruit.

Learn how to recruit.

Learn to communicate effectively.

Learn to persuade effectively.

Learn to lead.

Learn to do a 90-day blitz.

Learn to create sales volume.

Learn to be self-motivated.

These are the fundamentals that are necessary for succeeding in network marketing. Each of them is taught on the Ultimate Success CDs.

If your goal is to earn $5,000 a month or $10,000 a month or more, then you must learn the fundamentals, then you must apply them correctly and consistently.

I talk with network marketers daily who have a set of Ultimate Success CDs, yet they haven't a clue what the fundamentals are. They either haven't listened to the CDs, or they listened once or twice while they were doing something else, or they didn't take notes, etc.

They don't know the fundamentals, and they are failing.

If you do not learn the fundamentals, then you will fail.

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