The Most Valuable Thing in the World (Hint: It ain't gold, diamonds, or real estate!)

Updated: May 3, 2020

My wife and I have several close friends who aren't working right now because the business they're in is temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 situation. What we're hearing from our friends are two things. First, they want to get back to work to earn much needed money. And second­ - and this is what I find most interesting, but not at all surprising - is that they want to get back to work for the sake of the work itself, because working hard makes them feel good about themselves.

I totally understand what they're feeling about wanting to work for the sake of the work itself. The bottom line is that human beings are meant to work. Humans are meant to be productive. As the great Ayn Rand said so eloquently in her epic book Atlas Shrugged: "The most depraved type of human being is the person without a purpose."  By "purpose", Ayn Rand means "work". Work is good for the mind, and good for the soul. When work is done well it brings a sense of personal accomplishment as we put our God-given talents and abilities to use. So, it come to no surprise to anyone that the majority of people who are out of work right now want to get back to work both to earn money, and to reclaim that feeling of productivity to feel good about themselves. Many years ago, I was given a piece of paper with an essay on it titled "The Most Valuable Thing in the World." No author was named. I read the essay, and I immediately related to it. That's because I started working and earning money when I was 8-years-old. I remember it like it was yesterday. There was gold-colored bicycle I wanted that was at the downtown Montgomery Ward store. It costs $47 and my folks didn't have the money. Dad told me, "Go around the neighborhood and offer to mow people's grass for $2. Tell them you are working so that you can buy a bicycle. You should be able to get 4-5 people to hire you. Mow 24 yards and you'll have the money. It'll take you about 4-5 weeks."  And that's exactly what I did. The lesson I learned was invaluable. And I've been working hard ever since. Network Marketers are in a unique and wonderful situation. That's because Network Marketers are their own boss, and Network Marketers work from home. The work Network Marketers do on a daily basis - dialing numbers from a Target Market leads lists - is virtually unaffected by the "stay at home" mandates. A Network Marketer can choose to work hard, to work a little, or not work at all. Those who work hard, and apply the right methods, will succeed. Of all the traits necessary for succeeding in network marketing, I believe that "work ethic" is the single most important trait. Here's the essay. Enjoy!

--------------------------o-------------------------- The Most Valuable Thing in the World I am the most desirable thing in life. Without me no one can be healthy, happy, or useful. Without me, the hidden wealth and vast resources of this earth would have no value. Men and women who try to get along without me are characterless, selfish, underdeveloped, useless, and unprofitable members of society. I am behind every fortune, every art and science, every achievement, every triumph of man. Rich men and poor men alike often try to find substitutes for me, hoping thereby to secure a larger measure of happiness, peace and satisfaction, but they are always bitterly disappointed. Instead of gain, every substitute for me brings them loss. As the creator is greater than the creature, so am I greater than wealth, power, fame, learning, or any other acquired possession or quality of man, because I am the source from which he acquired them. I AM WORK!!!

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