The Most Valuable thing in The World.

Updated: Feb 17

I am the most desirable thing in life. Without me no one can be healthy, happy, or useful . . . without me, the hidden wealth and vast resources of this earth would have no value.

Men and women who try to get along without me are characterless, selfish, underdeveloped, useless, and unprofitable members of society.

I am behind every fortune, every art and science, every achievement, every triumph of man.

Rich men and poor men alike often try to find substitutes for me, hoping thereby to secure a larger measure of happiness, peace and satisfaction, but they are always bitterly disappointed. Instead of gain, every substitute for me brings them loss.

As the creator is greater than the creature, so am I greater than wealth, power, fame, learning, or any other acquired possession or quality of man, because I am the source from which he acquired them.

What am I?

I am work.

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