The Human Factor in Network Marketing

The fact is that the overwhelming majority of people who get into network marketing FAIL to earn decent money. Heck . . . the overwhelming majority of network marketers don't earn any money at all!

Moreover . . . the fact is that the overwhelming majority of those who fail in network marketing do so because of something THEY did, or something THEY didn't do.


It has become a cliché in network marketing to say that people cannot be duplicated but that systems can be. That sounds wonderful; however, the fact is that ANY system CAN be duplicated.

But that isn't what is important.

What is important is . . .

"Does the system actually work to sign up large numbers of quality distributors? And can it do so without costing you 'an arm and a leg' and without requiring every minute of your time?"

It bothers me when I learn of a network marketer who is lured into spending lots of money on a new-fangled super-duper "system" that some less-than-honest "guru" is touting as the "next great thing".

I hate to see good people get into network marketing and then throw away lots of their money on the hopes that some new "system" is going to bring them fortune.

The next time someone tells you about a "great and completely duplicable system", ask how many distributors have actually used it to make more than $2,000 a month NET PROFIT for at least 6 months.

Find out if it has stood the test of time in the real world. Only then can you assess its value to you. It seems that at least 2-3 times a year some "guru" markets his/her new "system" that's supposed to be the best way to succeed in network marketing.

Or . . . a guru writes a book, gives it a fancy title, and claims that the book contains something "new" that will cause a person to succeed in network marketing.

Truth be told . . . it's all a bunch of B.S.

The fact is that virtually ALL network marketing training is full of "wishful thinking methods", and B. designed to give the buyer a bill of goods merely to make them feel better about being in the network marketing industry.

One popular "guru" - who has sold tons of "how to succeed in network marketing" books (and who is now selling a new training "system" that costs nearly $1,000) - never actually explains exactly "HOW" he built his first large downline in any of his trainings.

Same goes for a highly popular guru who recently came out with a "new" paperback book that was gobbled up by hundreds of thousands of networkers. He, too, didn't actually tell the truth about how he built his downlines.

Neither guru tells how they REALLY built their first large downlines.

But I know how they did it, as do industry insiders.

The guru with the $1000 training had a rich "backer" who financed several years' worth of radio ads that ran in several large U.S. cities. All inquiries and respondents were directed to the guru, who did local meetings each week, and signed up many people as a result. The guru then split his commissions with his "backer".

I'm sure you'll agree with me that what the guru did is NOT a duplicable system. It's no wonder he never talks about it, and never teaches it in his trainings!

The guru who wrote the paperback book . . . his big downlines were the result of him A) receiving huge incentive deals up front, and B) joining forces with several other "Whales" (mega-Heavy Hitters) who all worked together to bring in other Heavy Hitters, and C) recruiting ONLY people with previous network marketing experience. None of this is mentioned in his book, on his web site, on his Facebook page, or at any of his big rallys.

What you really want to find is an approach (a system) that is simple, doable, teachable, inexpensive, and that actually has been used to enroll distributors into a network marketing business. As I have said, many "completely duplicable" systems unfortunately never have been used to enroll large numbers of quality distributors on a consistent basis and in a cost-effective manner.

Your only mission is to find and sign up quality distributors in order to build a profitable downline without spending a fortune in the process and without spending every waking moment at it. So find a duplicable system that actually helps you to accomplish your mission.


How can you evaluate the usefulness to you of a business building system?

Here is a list of questions to ask about any system:

1. Is the business building system simple to understand and to explain to others?

2. Can you easily teach the system to anyone?

3. Can you work the system without any special technical knowledge of the Internet, computers, emailing, autoresponders, etc? A basic, working knowledge of these items is useful for any home business; however, if you need to spend any more than 1-2 hours a week on the technical aspects of a system, then, you probably are spending too much time on it. (Ask yourself, "Can the average person with average intelligence do this with a minimal amount of training?")

4. Can you start using the system within no more than one day of being introduced to it?

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