The essence of being a self-employed work-from-home Network Marketer.

Updated: May 3, 2020

"It is 'Quality of Life' that is the essence of being a self-employed work-from-home network marketer. " Tracy Biller

When a person joins a network marketing company, they become a "self-employed general contractor". Specifically, they are now a "sales & marketing representative" for that particular network marketing company, and they will be compensated monetarily for their productivity (individual and group sales volume) per the company's commission plan.

An essence of being a self-employed network marketer network marketing is the freedom it can often offer. Simply said, you get to work your own hours. This alone creates an extraordinary lifestyle. Another essence of being a self-employed network marketer is that you are not limited to a set salary or hourly wage. Rather, you have the ability to earn an extraordinary amount of money based upon how hard you work, and how effective you are in creating and leading a sales and marketing organization. The fact is that Top Earners in network marketing - the majority of which are just regular people - routinely earn five-figure monthly incomes; some earn six-figure monthly incomes. As I write this newsletter, many millions of American workers are forced to work from home because of the COVID-19 virus. For most of these American workers, this is the first time they've ever worked from home. It's no coincidence that many of them are realizing just how wonderful it is to work from home, as it gives them a greater "work-life balance". This "work-life balance" is something that successful network marketers routinely experience. I've made the point in recent newsletters that RIGHT NOW is a great time to "power recruit" and expand your network marketing business. When talking to your prospects, always emphasize to them that "Quality of life is the essence of network marketing", because it truly is! 

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