The #1 reason why people get into Affiliate Marketing

It should come as no surprised to you that the #1 reason why 98%+ people get into Affiliate Marketing is to MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!!!

Regardless of whether a person gets into a nutrition affiliate marketing program, a personal care program, a gifter's program, a crypto currency program, a precious metals program, an educational program, etc., without question the #1 primary, most popular and most important reason why people get into a affiliate marketing program is to MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!!!

They want to make lots of money so they can work exclusively from home, have more free time, give themselves and their families and loved ones a much better lifestyle, be their own boss, set their own hours, have no financial worries, and more. All of this is accomplished by making lots of money from a successful affiliate marketing business.

Therefore, when you are recruiting other affiliate marketer marketers, you (and your sales tools) must make a compelling and persuasive presentation that they can MAKE LOTS OF MONEY by joining your program. Tell them how it will happen, why it will happen, what they'll need to do, why your company is the perfect vehicle to make it happen, what they'll miss out on if they don't get involved, and more.

Do not worry if the affiliate marketer you are recruiting is or has been involved with a company whose products/services or comp plan are unlike what you are representing. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of affiliate marketers are not "married to" or "in love with" a specific category of products, services, comp plans, etc. The fact is that throughout the industry's history, affiliate marketers have made millions of dollars in commissions by being involved with all sorts of companies with all sorts of products, services, and comp plans.

When recruiting other affiliate marketers, you should always appeal to the prospect's #1 desire, that being to MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!

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