Recharge and Recommit in Affiliate Marketing

It's a sad fact that most affiliate marketers and network marketers quit on their goals. Whether their goals are to start making dials, following up on potential prospects, recruiting, making blog post, creating videos, doing tik tok videos, and creating good social content... 90% of them will quit on their goals within days or weeks.

It's the same with New Year's Resolutions. A whopping 30% of people quit on their resolutions within two weeks; 80% of people will have quit on their resolutions by early to mid-February.

Only 8% of people keep their New Year's resolutions.

Earlier this year, Planet Fitness, one of the largest fitness chains in the country, commissioned a new study that found it only takes 41 days for the average person to quit on their resolutions. That means by February 11 of each year, most people chose to give up on their resolutions.

The reason why people quit on their goals and resolutions is because they choose to. It's that simple.

One year ago on March 3, 2021, I spoke with a affiliate marketer who told me that he had quit on the goals he set for himself at the beginning of the year. He said he didn't invest the time to work in his business because he was too busy, and therefore he'd made zero dials, sent no emails , did not follow up with his leads, made NO videos, No Social content... and did zero recruiting throughout January and February. He said, "I've wasted two whole months." I could feel the despair and guilt in his voice.

I said to him, "Right now, you are choosing to beat yourself up and to make yourself feel guilty. You are choosing to live in the past. Stop it! The choices you made during the last two months to not work your business mean nothing unless you make them mean something, which is what you're doing. You want to turn it all around right now? Then choose right now this very second to turn it around and do what you set out to do. I mean right now this very second! Right now, this very second, you can recharge and recommit to those goals you set two months ago. Succeeding in affiliate marketing and network marketing brandng your awesome business, or anything for that matter, is all about the choices you make.

Each day you choose to do what needs to be done, or you don't. It's the same for someone who wants to lose weight. They choose to eat less calories, to eat healthier, and to exercise consistently, or they choose not to do these things. Choose. Just choose."

He thanked me and we said goodbye. That was one year ago.

Based on the statistics, the odds were that he would not recharge and recommit. But he did! He did make the good choices, and I couldn't be prouder of him. Throughout the rest of 2021, he invested in six target market leads lists, and he made dials and recruited on a consistent daily basis. He created videos, sent emails, daily, consistently, Simply said, he worked his ass off, and he's still working his ass off. His downline has grown to over 2,800 people, and his earnings in January 2022 were just over $6,500. All indications are that his company could go into a 'momentum' growth phase in the next 7-12 months. If and when it does, then he's going to see his commission checks literally explode!

If you too, have given up on your goals and resolutions, then simply choose to recharge and recommit. You can recharge and recommit this very second.

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