How to get motivated and STAY motivated.

I've long believed that "motivation" (being "motivated" to do something) comes entirely from within a person (we make the choice to do it) while "inspiration" comes from outside a person (we are inspired by something).

With this in mind, I’m often asked by struggling network marketers these two questions: "How do I get motivated?" and "How do I stay motivated?"

There have been thousands of books written and audio programs recorded on the topic of "motivation". People routinely spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to attend "self-improvement programs", some of which are several days to several weeks long, put on by famous gurus, to find a way to get themselves "motivated" to go achieve something big.

Two critical questions for all success-seeking network marketers: "How do I get motivated?" and "How do I stay motivated?"

When these two questions are posed to me, I'll ask that person, "Are you asking me how to get the 'fire in your belly' so that you get off your butt and recruit and build your business?" They always answer with "Yes! That's what I want to know!"

Here's what I tell them . . . I tell them that you can't get motivated and stay motivated from a slogan, a quote, a photo, a movie, a song, a poster, a trinket, a statue, etc. I tell them that while those sorts of material things can indeed "inspire" them, those sorts of things do not motivate because motivation must always come from within a person, that the motivation they seek is a choice they make to do something.

I tell them, "The motivation you seek is something that's already inside of you. It's lying there dormant, waiting to be awaken. It's 'deep-seeded' within you, it's down deep inside of you, it's way beneath the surface, just waiting to be called into action It's the unfinished business, the things we want to achieve, the 'stuff in the basement' as Rocky Balboa famously said before he began training for a fight as a 60+-year-old man."

To awaken that motivation that's already inside a person, and to be motivated on an ongoing basis, a person must establish a clear purpose. That purpose is something a person chooses to MUST HAVE and WILL HAVE.

For example, it's the difference between someone saying, "I want to lose 30lbs" (PASSIVE-WEAK) versus saying "I must and I will lose 30lbs" (PROACTIVE-POWERFUL).

It's the difference between a network marketer saying, "I want to make $10,000 a month with network marketing" (PASSIVE-WEAK) versus saying "I must and I will make $10,000 a month in network marketing" (PROACTIVE-POWERFUL).

It's the difference between saying "I want to make 100 calls today" (PASSIVE-WEAK) versus saying "I must and I will make 100 calls today" (PROACTIVE-POWERFUL).

It's the difference between saying "I want to invest in a leads list full of network marketers to build my business" (PASSIVE-WEAK) versus saying "I must and I will invest in a leads list full of network marketers so I can build my business" (PROACTIVE-POWERFUL).

In closing, there's one critically important thing about getting motivated and staying motivated, and it's this: When a person lives in the "present moment", then getting motivated and staying motivated happens automatically. Because when a person is in the present moment, then they are truly "being".

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