Covid-19 situation increases Desire to work from home

The Covid-19 situation is causing many people to want to work 

from home . . . permanently!

Because of the Covid-19 situation, millions of Americans who used to get up and commute to work each morning are now using their computers and smart phones to work from their homes.

Initially, some of these people liked working from home. But after a few weeks they'd had enough of working from home, and they wanted to get back to the office. I can empathize with them, as some people do enjoy getting up and leaving their home each morning to go to the office for a day of work. Working from home isn't for everyone.

On the other hand, there's a whole bunch of people who have discovered over the past weeks that working from home is totally awesome, that it's an amazing life-changing experience. These people are loving working from the comfort of their home. They love not having to commute to-and-from work each day. They love getting up, throwing on some sweats or jeans, pouring a cup of coffee, working in their kitchen or bedroom or home office. They especially love being around family throughout the day, and being around their pets throughout the day, and a whole lot more. (Coincidentally, I'm writing this newsletter at 5:40AM. I'm sitting at our dining room table, in sweats, with a cup of coffee next to my laptop, with our dog Mollie a few feet away from me looking out the window at the squirrels that are running around the lawn. It's a whole lot better than my days in corporate America!)

Network Marketers already know what it's like working from home and having time freedom. And nearly 100% of them ­- me included - will tell you that working from home and having time freedom is much more valuable and rewarding than just earning the big money. It truly is.

What does this all mean for you as you move forward to build a network marketing downline? It means that you keep recruiting network marketers, because network marketers have already exhibited the desire to work from home, have time freedom, and earn big money by virtue of the fact that they've been in network marketing before. To recruit anyone else (such as your warm market, biz opp seekers, etc.) is simply illogical, and is a recipe for failure.

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