Choose to do What You Love!

Johnny the trash man. Each Thursday morning the garbage truck comes through the neighborhood to pick up the trash. One of the trash men is named Johnny. Johnny has been a constant presence over the past couple of years.

Johnny works hard and steady, and he’s is always smiling. One morning I said to him, “Johnny, you’re one of the happiest people I know. What do you think about when you’re working that makes you so happy?” His answer was brilliant. He said, “Man, I’m just right here right now. Fresh air and exercise all day long! 12,000 pounds a day!” I asked, “What do you mean, 12,000 pounds a day?” He answered, “Man, I’m getting paid to lift about 12,000 pounds a day! Can’t beat that!”

Michael the mailman. The mailman is named Michael. He’s been delivering the mail for nearly 7 years. Every afternoon he drives through the neighborhood putting mail in the curbside mailboxes.

Michael is one of the nicest and most effervescent people I’ve ever met. He’s always smiling, and constantly waves at the people who live in the neighborhood. One day I asked him, “Are all mailmen as happy as you?” He laughed and said, “How can they not be? It’s a great job. I get to drive around the town all day, see many different homes, see lots of different cars and trucks, all while listening to country music.

There’s a lesson to be learned from both Johnny and Michael, and that is they both choose to accept and enjoy the work they do.

All too often, success-seeking network marketers look begrudgingly at the work they must do to succeed in network marketing. Most of them choose to not do the work, which means they’ll fail.

Think about this . . . how hard is it to sit down in a chair, at a table or desk, with a laptop or smartphone to check into your business and make small changes and go about your day? The answer is that it’s not hard at all. In fact, it’s ridiculously simple. And yet, the majority of network marketers will find some reason NOT to do the work.

Choose to accept and enjoy the work. Figure out ways to make it pleasant. Stand up occasionally, play music in the background, had a TV on with some sort of action going on (like a sport), take short breaks to do a quick burst of exercise, etc.

Choose to accept and enjoy the work. In doing so, you’ll be productive, and you’ll be successful.

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